About Kris

Why do you need to know about me? Will it change your view about what I write? Do you really care?

  • Middle aged, divorced, widowed and now married for 19 years for the last time. 
  • I’ve helped raise three children to adulthood. That doesn’t mean I’m done parenting. 
  • My three have gifted me with six awesome, beautiful grandchildren now ranging in age from 5 to 18. My grandchildren more than make up for their parents testing and stressing. 
  • One had a child at 16, another went to prison from 15-17 and the last one at 14 crashed my car into a telephone pole, which I had to pay for, and scared me witless with ER visits, broken bones and one surgery. My only revenge, now that they have all gotten into their 30’s is that……well……they have their own children!
  • My last husband, Mr. B and I now live full time in a fifth wheel RV with three dogs. This does not allow our children to boomerang, again.
  • My family is my world. 

We look so normal.


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